At The Culture Equation, our goal is to unpack your people potential to support you to reach your business goals.

We never make assumptions and instead listen intently, creating bespoke solutions which deliver exceptional results.


A bespoke program of work supporting business leaders with large and growing teams to achieve positive culture change.

Perfect for when you want both premium and lasting results from design through to implementation and review. 


Empower your leaders to take the lead. Creating high performing, inclusive teams through this immersive leadership experience backed by DeakinCo.

This program guarantee’s results at the individual, team and organisational level. Perfect for organisations that want a step change in leadership and culture.


Team Accelerator has everything you need to expand a teams capabilities to achieve the agreed outcomes and inspire them to produce their best work both individually and as a team. 

A dedicated Executive Coach supports your team through a  fixed-term, cohort-based program that includes a launch, group coaching, peer mentoring and engaging educational components.


In 14+ years of working for Fortune 500 companies Hiam has learned what it takes to form a strong Culture strategy in today’s fast-changing, volatile and disruptive environment.

Keynotes delivered to International Conferences and businesses such as Commonwealth Bank, UDIA National Congress and Salesforce World Tour.

      tailored PACKAGE

“Throughout the whole consultation we felt heard and understood as a client. This resulted in the creation of our core values and a move towards an innovative culture that truly reflects our business vision and the personality of our team. 

Agile also wasn’t just a buzz word in this project, instead we witnessed the fluidity of partnering with experts who understood the value of being innovative and being comfortable in pivoting where required. Our leadership team have benefited from expertise learnt through working with highly successful businesses and also received the attentiveness of a boutique consulting partnership.”

Natalie Bradbury

Manager Strategy & Performance, Western Sydney University

Your business is unique for so many reasons, and this can give you the perfect competitive edge when you play to the strengths of these unique elements, this is exactly what we support you to do in our tailored package.

Your people have traveled an unparalleled path, of both education and expertise, to get to where they are. You recognise and trust their innate talent. Your products and/or services stand-out in comparison to your competitors and your industry has unique elements. You have an exciting  vision for your future. 

Together with you we create a bespoke program to establish real behavioural change and growth within your organisation by partnering with you design, implement, sustain and celebrate the journey of creating a winning culture with these unique ingredients. The Culture Equation formula for success will include the perfect balance of:

  • Culture Consultation – Full diagnostics and support across the whole life-cycle of culture design and implementation 
  • Leadership Development – Focusing  on cohesion within your Executive team and building of shared values to enable them to effectively lead and engage both culturally diverse and geographically dispersed teams
  • Employee Experiences – Designing experiences for pivotal days of an employees journey from joining to leaving your business (and everything in between)
  • Team Engagement  – Programs to dissolve teams working in silos and instead create a collaborative and innovative environment with strong horizontal (and vertical) engagement  
  • Executive Coaching – Individual and small group coaching to build personal strengths, improve self-awareness and resilience and develop tools to navigate situational challenges effectively
  • Technology Tools –  Innovative technology tools to give you data to capture successful culture changes and also to preempt potential talent and culture risks to enable early intervention 

We consult with you to understand your business and co-create the journey of effective culture change. To explore some outcomes from our bespoke services please contact us.

Hiam was responsible for developing sales and consultancy skills for individual contributors up through Google’s senior executives. She is a proven leader, coach and motivator, and consistently delivers business results.

Bart Jenniches

Director VR/AR , Google

              THE greater collective

“This is a great example of Shared Value…you’ve nailed it.”

Peter Horsley

Founder Remarkable, Inclusive Tech Accelerator

“I really enjoyed the course and feel I am more confident, with a clear path moving forward with my team following reflection during and post the experience.

Richard Martino

Manager, Western Sydney University

The Greater Collective is a unique Leadership program backed by DeakinCo and designed to build changemakers who will excel at linking and solving problems inside and outside of the workplace. This is achieved by collaborating with a charity or social cause to strategise and solve a real-world problem together. 

Results for your Business:

  • Strengthen Coaching Capability (#1 Leadership skill of the future) across your business
  • Foster a culture of trust and teamwork cross functionally
  • Improve ability to attract and retain top talent
  • Formalise the skill recognition of experience your team have developed through work
  • Embed diversity and inclusion into your culture
  • Reward innovative problem solvers
  • A meaningful corporate social responsibility (CSR) project to create genuine social impact and shared value through solving a genuine board level challenge for a social cause

Results for your Leaders:

  • Improve competence to give and receive real-time feedback
  • Increased expertise in problem solving using creative skills and tool
  • Strengthened confidence in personal ability to lead effective change
  • Improved coaching capability – including active listening skills and ability to empathise to build connection and influence
  • Future proof careers within the business by verifying expertise and skills
  • Develop a strong network of peers across industries to collaborate with into the future

DeakinCo are our Strategic Education Partner and will validate the personal and professional development your team receive with independent credentials for confirmation of their new capability uplift.

This is best suited for Executives and Leadership Teams ready to build the skill capacity of their teams, both at individual and group level, to achieve strong business outcomes. 

If you would like your team to experience The Greater Collective, connect with us and receive our info pack here.

These are charities we are proud to have supported in previous Greater Collective events. If you are charity or social cause with a strategic problem you would love some help solving, let us know by completing our Expression of Interest form here

        Team accelerator

I had the chance to immediately adapt some of the new skills and knowledge in a rapidly changing environment.

Amarilla Simon

Regional Sales Manager, Forcepoint

Team Accelerator has everything you need to expand a teams capabilities to achieve the agreed outcomes and inspire them to produce their best work both individually and as a team.  We meet today’s teams both where they are at and prepare them for where they want to go. We support them with a fixed-term, cohort-based program that includes a launch, group coaching, peer mentoring and engaging educational components – all with a dedicated coach.

Over the years, we’ve noticed how effective learning happens – it happens in a social environment, integrating real life situations with the learning itself being a process not an event. Team Accelerator has been specifically designed for the 21st century geographically dispersed and culturally diverse teams.

The experience is led by an expert coach who will hold your teams accountable for trying different approaches to enable better results. New ways of collaborating will be explored through 6 short online webinars followed by a fully facilitated dynamic team discussion. The innovative structure of the program supports teams learn together through 10% formal learning, 20% coaching and 70% doing and reflecting.

The goal is to create space and time for rich discussions that lead to meaningful and positive change in the workplace.  

Outcomes for your team include:

  • Positive, tangible changes on how you work together
  • Increased trust and feeling of psychological safety
  • Increased effort in completing projects on time and to a high standard
  • More innovative and collaborative solutions to customer needs
  • A better customer experience


Hiam was engaged to speak at DevX Week, part of a virtual development expo with a focus on authentic development goals.

From the initial briefing, it was clear that Hiam was the perfect fit – inspirational, humble, motivating, and happy to share her top five mistakes in recognition that we all learn from failing.

Hiam displayed the perfect balance of understanding of the brief and the audience, whilst being authentic to herself.

From the personal testimonies received, it was clear that Hiam had a huge impact on the audience who delighted in her refreshing, straight forward and practical advice, which in turn would allow them to develop authentic goals for themselves.”

Adam Miles

Capability Manager (Former), Commonwealth Bank of Australia

In 14+ years of working for Fortune 500 companies Hiam has learned what it takes to form a strong Culture strategy in today’s fast-changing, volatile and disruptive environment. More importantly she has distilled this into simple principles any organisation can embed, which is ‘The Culture Equation’.

During her 10 year tenure at Google she has lived and breathed the unique experience of how advances in technology disrupts industries and how to navigate that change successfully through your people. She understands the impact change can have on people, and knows how to take them on a journey.

As a Sociology major and specialist in Change Management, she looks for common traits amongst top performers that are coachable for all. Creating an environment where smart, self-motivated, innovative individuals can thrive is something that drives Hiam. 

Hiam has has been a sought after speaker and writer on topics around Women in Business, How to Motivate Millennials, Influencing a Culture of Innovation and The Future of Work.

Top 5 Mistakes

Spoken at 2017 University of Sydney Graduation Ceremony & Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Mistakes are the key to our successes. It is a cliche told time after time again. But there is a reason why cliches are cliches. It is because they hold truths that are universally felt and understood.

I was always incredibly intentional about my career there with a keen eagerness to experience as much as I could. I held four very different roles at Google where I was heavily involved with the business side and inner workings of the People & Culture scene.

I met and made lifelong friends and even started my first business with one of them.

It was a vastly great period of my life and I don’t hold many regrets. However, I definitely made some mistakes that have become crucial life lessons which have deeply resonated with others.

The Future Of Work

Spoken at the UDIA 2017 Perth Conference, Governance Institute of Australia event, Elevate Miller-Heiman Conference 

Main points discussed:

  • WHO will be in the workplace, and the trends new generations will bring with them that we need to adapt to
  • HOW we will be working and the effect of automation on the types of jobs we’ll be doing
  • WHERE and the shift from permanent 9-5 at an office to hot desking at a co-sharing space, the blurring of the work and home environment
  • WHEN we will be working, the impact of the ‘always on’ workforce on mental health (the silent epidemic)

Published articles: Human Resources Director Magazine AustraliaSmart CompanyPro Bono AustraliaGovernance Institute of Australia & Australian Financial Review