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Venture Capitalists are invested in every aspect of their portfolio’s success.

A strong culture is the only way that your portfolio companies will unlock their full potential.

Finding and growing raw talent so that your portfolio thrives is important to you. You need external partners that will help you and your portfolio to build the right cultures that are unique, authentic and that will attract top talent.

If you want your portfolio companies to build a culture that will deliver a world-class scalable business, then email us or book in a free consultation.

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Build Cultures That Bring Real Outcomes

Develop Your Founders To Become Great Leaders

Invest in a partner that understands your challenges

Ensure the companies you invest in have Unicorn potential

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full culture transformation programs designed for Venture Capitalists

Transforming people = transforming organisations. It’s a simple equation.

You’re on a mission to help your fund stand out from the crowd. You invest in various businesses and their founders. You see various culture red flags but not sure if transforming a workplace culture will bring tangible outcomes. And on top of that, there just isn’t enough time in the day to support your founders and attend to all the day-to-day activities.

At The Culture Equation, we work specifically with Venture Capitalists like you by taking culture transformation off your shoulders and enabling your businesses and their founders to create workplace cultures that achieve real outcomes.

Scaling a business requires a partner than not only understands your sector, but has the right experience, knowledge and tools to empower the business to attract and retain the best talent.

Full Culture Transformation Program
Full Culture Transformation Wheel
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Reach out for a 30-min consultation with one of our culture experts.

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