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Great teams …

High performing culture

Feel safe to ask questions

High performing culture

Feel they can take risks to improve the way they work

High performing culture

Feel listened when they offer up ideas

High performing culture

Feel that they can fail and it won’t be held against them

Want this to be your team? We can take you there in 12 weeks.

team reform Program

The Team ReForm is a 12-week, cohort-based program led and facilitated by a dedicated coach. It includes group coaching, peer mentoring and self-paced learning modules  across 6 areas:


  1. Power of Perception
  2. Effective Communication
  3. Leading Through Change
  4. Giving and Receiving Feedback
  5. Coaching
  6. Building Effective Teams

Expand your team’s capabilities and impact the bottom line.

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Reach out for a 30-min chat with one of our culture experts.


Case Study

Going dry and flying high with the Team ReForm Program

The Culture Equation strengthens the Dry July Foundation’s team during their busiest time of the year.

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Other Case Studies This Way

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