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full culture transformation program

Transforming people = transforming organisations. It’s a simple equation.

When people feel trusted and safe, magic happens and high performing teams are born. This, combined with exceptional leadership, propels the organisation forward by knocking down obstacles and seizing up opportunities.

The Full Culture Transformation program is NOT an out-of-the-box solution. In fact, it’s a bespoke body of work specifically built around the needs and challenges that your workplace currently presents.

Through in-depth analysis and consultation,  we co-create a journey which explores multiple topical areas:

– Benchmarking your culture
– Exploring your Why
– Building a values-led organisation
– Building future focused leadership skills (accredited by DeakinCo)
– Leading rapidly scaling organisations forward with confidence

Full Culture Transformation Program
Full Culture Transformation
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Hiam Sakakini The Culture Equation


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Like many of us, Hiam’s career itself has been an interesting journey with twists and turns, leading her to Head of Leadership Development at Google Asia. Along the way, she lived and breathed the unique experience of technological disruption and now helps others navigate that change successfully through their people.

As a Sociology Major and Culture Change Expert, her drive is to create environments dominated by trust and psychological safety where teams can be empowered and thrive in times of ambiguity.

 Hiam has been keynote speaker at high profile industry events and can be contacted for speaking engagements.

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HR Disruption: A generation set up for failure?

HR Disruption: A generation set up for failure?

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