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A strong culture is the only way to unlock your company’s full potential.

Founders of fast growing businesses work every day to beat the odds and build a world-class leadership team. The stakes are much higher when you lose great talent, spend your day dealing with people problems and have a leadership team that’s pulling in different directions. 

Toxic cultures develop over time and unintentionally, while high-performing, high-impact and healthy cultures must be designed and maintained. At The Culture Equation, we help ambitious leaders unlock their full potential through culture. 

To find out how you can build a culture that engages and attracts top talent email us or book in a free consultation.

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Build trust – the foundations for a high performing team.

Reframe and refocus on burning priorities for the business.

Constructively challenge each other as a team.

Develop a culture of feedback and psychological safety.

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leadership coaching

Great leadership comes from mindset and behaviours, not a title.  Our executive coaches’ mission is to support and challenge you to develop the skills you need to lead a high-performing team. 

We’ve curated our team of coaches based on their extensive experience as corporate professionals as well as their coaching credentials. Because of their wealth of experience they can act as advisors, mentors and coaches. Their extensive broad experience is complemented with unique specialties ranging from  Diversity & Inclusion, to Corporate Social Responsibility , to building strength based high performing teams using Positive Psychology principles.

The coaching program is delivered over 6 sessions every two weeks for optimal results.

Have any questions? Book a free consultation with one of our culture experts.

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