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“Leaders will be those who empower others.” Bill Gates

Great leaders inspire and empower their teams. As a great leader, you’ll create a people-powered engine that delivers outstanding customer experiences while building a strong business.

Executive Transition Program

Executive transitions are high stakes …

You can hire the right person for the job, but will they build the collaboration and trust needed in their executive team to ensure your organisation achieves its strategic goals?

With the right support, they definitely will.

Executive Transition Program

The Executive Transition Program is specifically designed for the entire Senior Executive Team.

Following an initial qualitative and quantitative assessment of the team  culture, the leadership team is taken on a 12-week Team Coaching program led by a specialist executive coach, supporting your executive team to:

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Build trust – the foundations for a high performing team.

Reframe and refocus on burning priorities for the business.

Constructively challenge each other as a team.

Gain the skills to communicate effectively and develop a culture of feedback and psychological safety.

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Reach out for a 30-min chat with one of our culture experts.

leadership coaching

Great leadership comes from mindset and behaviours, not a title.  Our executive coaches’ mission is to support and challenge you to develop the skills you need to lead a high-performing team. 

We’ve curated our team of coaches based on their extensive experience as corporate professionals as well as their coaching credentials. Because of their wealth of experience they can act as advisors, mentors and coaches. Their extensive broad experience is complemented with unique specialties ranging from  Diversity & Inclusion, to Corporate Social Responsibility , to building strength based high performing teams using Positive Psychology principles.

The coaching program is delivered over 6 sessions every two weeks for optimal results.

Have any questions? Book a free consultation with one of our culture experts.

Leadership Coaching The Culture Equation

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