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Emma Rayment


Creative | Curious | Relator

Emma is passionate about helping leaders connect with their strengths, lead with authenticity and influence the experience of employees through purposeful actions. She has 12 years of experience in leading multilayered frontline teams and has led cultural changes, such as mergers, restructures and rapid growth projects, that have influenced brand and customer experiences to positive outcomes. Emma believes that culture starts at the top, but is alive in the behaviour of every employee in an organisation and every interaction customers have with the brand. She approaches problem-solving with a customer-centric lens and a belief that the impossible is within reach.

Social Conscience

Emma is driven by amplifying the voices of those who don’t always get a seat at the table for big decisions. Whether this be supporting communities devastated by bushfire, protecting the environment through conscious sustainability causes or helping the ideas and passions of employees reach those who can back their change. The voices of those on the ground and future generations is what decisions of change are made for.