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Going dry and flying high with

the Team ReForm Program

The Culture Equation strengthens the Dry July Foundation’s team during their busiest time of the year.

Dry July Foundation & their team

The Dry July Foundation is the registered charity behind the famous Dry July Campaign, an efficient, low-cost fundraiser that challenges social drinkers to give up alcohol for a month in order to raise funds for people affected by cancer.

Since 2008, Dry July has inspired more than 250,000 Aussies to go dry, raising $60 million for people affected by cancer, and funding projects at more than 80 cancer organisations across Australia.

Behind this large and successful operation is, surprisingly, a lean team of 6 people led by newly appointed CEO, Katie Evans. Working at Dry July Foundation for over six years, Katie has a deep understanding of both the organisation and the not-for- profit sector. Promoted from GM to CEO, she now manages a very diverse group of people in terms of experience and time in the workforce. Katie also maintains relationships with a variety of stakeholders, from board members to beneficiaries to donors.

Katie Evans Dry July

There’s always room for


The team at the Dry July Foundation is a small, close-knit group of individuals who’ve been working together for no longer than two years. While this high performing ‘work family’ presented no obvious major issues, there was a real opportunity to further develop the culture and processes of their team.

“I don’t think we were ever really considering the importance of ‘how we do things as well as what we do’and whether the campaign could be better if we all work together better” reveals Katie.

With most team members as her direct reports, the Dry July Foundation’s CEO was determined to build a cohesive team that felt safe to share their views and experiences. Increasing effective communication was a key focus for the Dry July Team in The Team ReForm Program, as was the ability to give and receive feedback across seniority levels.

Going dry, flying high.

It’s team acceleration time

Thanks to one of The Culture Equation’s webinars, Katie came to know about the Team ReForm Program and following a conversation with Hiam Sakakini (founder of The Culture Equation), the program was kick-started in June 2020.

During the 3 months that followed, at the peak of their busiest time, the team at Dry July Foundation immersed themselves into a structured program led and facilitated by coaches Robert Lean and Anne Massey.

Across their experience, the team developed core skills in a range of areas, including Effective Communication, Leading Through Change and Giving and Receiving Feedback.

The journey was far from smooth sailing though. In fact, as the previous CEO stepped down, Katie was promoted and the team found themselves having to navigate through a significant leadership change.

“The Leading Through Change module was quite fitting – explains Katie – and Robert managed to plug this real life event well into the module, so we could all work on it together as a team”.

Dry July Team

eye opening results

While the team was able to identify the impact of the program after only a few weeks, the results from the pre- and post-program cultural assessments speak for themselves.

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More understanding of how to communicate with team members.



Increased confidence to have difficult but productive conversations with team members.



Increased ability to support team members’ personal and professional growth through coaching.

Katie Evans Quote Dry July

While the team was able to identify the impact of the program after only a few weeks, the results from the pre- and post-program cultural assessments speak for themselves.

Carried over time, this new practice promotes diversity in team thought, brings fresh
perspectives to the table, builds team skills and sidesteps the common team ‘single point of failure’ syndrome – where teams rely on one person to make decisions and solve problems.