Stories From The Culture Equation

Join us for our uplifting StoryCast Series showcasing real tales of cultural transformation. Discover firsthand the inspiring journeys and triumphs, as our partners share their experiences in navigating the challenges around their culture. Tune in to witness how our support empowered them to engage in courageous conversations, fostering a culture of success.

Real Clients, Real Stories

Each story is delivered by our founder, Hiam Sakakini, where she introduces each client and their unique circumstances, highlighting how our purpose to Improve Quality of Life Through Work has allowed us to transform each of our partners' unique culture.

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Digital Creators – Preparing Leadership for Scaling


Digital Creators – Preparing Leadership for Scaling

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Unlock the secrets to building a thriving workplace culture at fast-growing startups. Tune into our storycast episodes featuring in-depth interviews with industry leaders who have firsthand experience in creating and maintaining a winning culture, complete with valuable insights and lessons learned.

Tune into our StoryCast Series featuring real stories of culture change, where they share their experiences and challenges facing their culture. Listen to how we helped them have those courageous conversations and help cultivate a winning culture.