Going dry and flying high
with the Team Coaching Program

Industry: Non-For-Profit

The Dry July Foundation is the charity behind the famous ‘Dry July’ Campaign – an efficient, low-cost fundraiser that challenges social drinkers to give up alcohol for a month to raise funds for people affected by cancer.


greater understanding of how to communication with team members
increased confidence in having difficult, but productive conversations with team members
increased ability to support team members’ personal and professional growth through coaching

An increasingly psychologically safe environment was created, with the team starting to give consistent, honest and purposeful feedback to one another (both up and down seniority lines). This shift enabled a coaching culture where team members became empowered to coach one another, regardless of hierarchy.

Carried over time, this new practice promotes diversity in team thought, brings fresh perspectives to the table, builds team skills and sidesteps the common team ‘single point of failure’ syndrome – where teams rely on one person to make decisions and solve problems.

The Dry July Foundation became a closely-knit, empowered unit, emphasising feedback and mutual support, pivotal to their success.

The Challenge

The Dry July Foundation team, a small group of high-performing individuals, recognised the potential for further development within their organisational culture and team processes. Despite being a cohesive ‘work family’, they acknowledged the need to prioritise not only ‘what they do’ but also ‘how they do it’.

The Opportunity

In collaboration with Dry July Foundation, we saw the opportunity to enhance their team culture, foster effective communication, and encourage a collaborative approach to campaigns. They aimed to build a cohesive team where every member felt safe to share their perspectives and experiences.

What we did

Team Building
Over the following 3 months, amidst their busiest period, the team fully engaged in a structured team-building program, led by TCE coaches.
Effective Communication
Enhancing understanding and clear articulation through a year-long team development program, promoting open dialogues.
Leading Through Change
Developed resilience and adaptability to view change as a growth opportunity, fostering a culture of progress.
Giving and Receiving Feedback
Achieved significant improvements in effective communication, confidence in handling challenging conversations, and supporting team growth.
“I don't think we were ever really considering …whether the campaign could be better if we all work together better” reveals Kate Evan, Dry July CEO.


Implementation of the Team ReForm Program amidst a demanding operational phase
Direct involvement of Dry July Foundation's CEO, emphasising the program's importance
Structured coaching sessions led by experienced facilitators, targeting effective communication and team cohesion
“As a leader in my organisation, I will be forever grateful for the skills and knowledge I acquired during the program, and will carry them with me for the rest of my career (and even in my personal life!). You have helped me to better understand myself, my team, and given us tools to improve our communication moving forward.”
Kate Evans | CEO The Dry July Foundation