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Company culture undeniably contributes to performance in accordance with the organisation’s goals and objectives and plays an essential role in limiting risks.

This is why it is paramount for businesses to be intentional about it. Company culture starts from the top  – at Board level – and trickles down the company passing by the corridors and through the desk pods.

By addressing the culture of their Executive Teams, Board members ensure there is the right cohesion, trust and alignment to drive the business forward.

Executive Transition Program

Executive transitions are high stakes …

You can hire the right person for the job, but will they build the collaboration and trust needed in their executive team to ensure your organisation achieves its strategic goals?

With the right support, they definitely will.

Executive Transition Program

The Executive Transition Program is specifically designed for the entire Senior Executive Team.

Following an initial qualitative and quantitative assessment of the team  culture, the leadership team is taken on a 12-week Team Coaching program led by a specialist executive coach, supporting your executive team to:

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Build trust – the foundations for a high performing team.

Reframe and refocus on burning priorities for the business.

Constructively challenge each other as a team.

Gain the skills to communicate effectively and develop a culture of feedback and psychological safety.

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Reach out for a 30-min chat with one of our culture experts.


full culture transformation program

Transforming people = transforming organisations. It’s a simple equation.

When people feel trusted and safe, magic happens and high performing teams are born. This, combined with exceptional leadership, propels the organisation forward by knocking down obstacles and seizing up opportunities.

The Full Culture Transformation program is NOT an out-of-the-box solution. In fact, it’s a bespoke body of work specifically built around the needs and challenges that your workplace currently presents.

Through in-depth analysis and consultation,  we co-create a journey which explores multiple topical areas:

– Benchmarking your culture
– Exploring your Why
– Building a values-led organisation
– Building future focused leadership skills (accredited by DeakinCo)
– Leading rapidly scaling organisations forward with confidence

Full Culture Transformation Program
Full Culture Transformation
Find out more

Reach out for a 30-min consultation with one of our culture experts.

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