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Team ReForm Program

Team Reform Program

Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching

Full Culture Transformation

full culture transformation program

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Online Learning Series

Executive Transition Program

Executive Transition Program

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Keynotes and Workshops

team reform Program

The Team ReForm is a 12-week, cohort-based program led and facilitated by a dedicated coach. It includes group coaching, peer mentoring and self-paced learning modules  across 6 areas:


  1. Power of Perception
  2. Effective Communication
  3. Leading Through Change
  4. Giving and Receiving Feedback
  5. Coaching
  6. Building Effective Teams

Expand your team’s capabilities and impact the bottom line.

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Executive Transition Program

Executive transitions are high stakes …

You can hire the right person for the job, but will they build the collaboration and trust needed in their executive team to ensure your organisation achieves its strategic goals?

With the right support, they definitely will.

Executive Transition Program

The Executive Transition Program is specifically designed for the entire Senior Executive Team.

Following an initial qualitative and quantitative assessment of the team  culture, the leadership team is taken on a 12-week Team Coaching program led by a specialist executive coach, supporting your executive team to:

full culture transformation program

Transforming people = transforming organisations. It’s a simple equation.

When people feel trusted and safe, magic happens and high performing teams are born. This, combined with exceptional leadership, propels the organisation forward by knocking down obstacles and seizing up opportunities.

The Full Culture Transformation program is NOT an out-of-the-box solution. In fact, it’s a bespoke body of work specifically built around the needs and challenges that your workplace currently presents.

Through in-depth analysis and consultation,  we co-create a journey which explores multiple topical areas:

– Benchmarking your culture
– Exploring your Why
– Building a values-led organisation
– Building future focused leadership skills (accredited by DeakinCo)
– Leading rapidly scaling organisations forward with confidence

Full Culture Transformation Program
Full Culture Transformation
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Reach out for a 30-min consultation with one of our culture experts.

leadership coaching

Great leadership comes from mindset and behaviours, not a title.  Our executive coaches’ mission is to support and challenge you to develop the skills you need to lead a high-performing team. 

We’ve curated our team of coaches based on their extensive experience as corporate professionals as well as their coaching credentials. Because of their wealth of experience they can act as advisors, mentors and coaches. Their extensive broad experience is complemented with unique specialties ranging from  Diversity & Inclusion, to Corporate Social Responsibility , to building strength based high performing teams using Positive Psychology principles.

The coaching program is delivered over 6 sessions every two weeks for optimal results.

Have any questions? Book a free consultation with one of our culture experts.

Leadership Coaching The Culture Equation


Flexible, online programs that break geographical boundaries

Distributed teams are becoming more and more a reality in today’s world. Through carefully designed and facilitated virtual meetups , our Online Learning Series breaks geographical barriers. So there are no limits to your and your teams’ development experience.

Far from passive presentations, these online live sessions entail engaging activities, polls and the possibility for participants to ask questions. Here is where the value really lies.

We have designed multiple 1-hour webinars covering a wide range of topics, such as:

High performing culture

Leading Through Crisis

High performing culture

Rebuilding Workplace Morale

High performing culture

Embracing an Agile Framework for the right outcomes at the right time

Online Learning Series

The list can go on and the possibilities are endless!

We can work directly with you to develop a bespoke session around your needs.  Each live webinar is nicely ‘bundled up’ with additional supporting material and the session recording.

What are you interested in for your bespoke Online Learning Series?

Keynote Sessions and workshops

Hiam Sakakini The Culture Equation


Email Hiam

Like many of us, Hiam’s career itself has been an interesting journey with twists and turns, leading her to Head of Leadership Development at Google Asia. Along the way, she lived and breathed the unique experience of technological disruption and now helps others navigate that change successfully through their people.

As a Sociology Major and Culture Change Expert, her drive is to create environments dominated by trust and psychological safety where teams can be empowered and thrive in times of ambiguity.

 Hiam has been keynote speaker at high profile industry events and can be contacted for speaking engagements.

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