Every organisation has a unique fingerprint waiting to be unearthed.
Its culture.

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Culture is one of the most powerful differentiators an organisation has when it comes to attracting talent, developing customer-centric products and services and innovating.
Company culture takes its own shape when left unattended, so it’s essential for any workplace to be intentional about it.

The Culture Equation is a team of diverse professionals dedicated to unlocking your unique workplace culture fingerprint. With such distinct backgrounds, different social consciences and empathy levels, we surely are a very assorted bunch.

Each of us comes with a specific skillset, that’s the superpower that amplifies the moment we join together as a team. Our areas of expertise range from Diversity & Inclusion, to CSR, to Positive Psychology, amongst others.

Drawing on such diversity, we guide organisations to develop empowered and engaged workforces.

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Western Sydney University
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“Our aim was to create a world class empowered and innovative culture. The Culture Equation led us through a structured program, which has delivered outstanding change at many levels resulting in more collaborative, dynamic and engaged workforce”

Michael Burgess, Western Sydney University – Chief Student Experience Officer 

“Thanks, Hiam and team, for facilitating three webinars for NCOSS’ “Leading in Crisis Recovery” online learning series in the wake of the COVID-19 global pandemic. You brought in great subject matter experts for each of the topics and 100% of our respondents said they would recommend the sessions that they attended to others. Thanks again for working closely with NCOSS, to ensure that we’re responding to new learning needs under the current working environment.”

Rocellita Ann Lacsina, NCOSS – Program Delivery Officer

“As a leader in my organisation, I will be forever grateful for the skills and knowledge I acquired during the program, and will carry them with me for the rest of my career (and even in my personal life!). You have helped me to better understand myself, my team, and given us tools to improve our communication moving forward.”

Katie Evans, CEO  – The Dry July Foundation

“It is an absolute pleasure to be coached by Anne. Her wisdom and insight are second-to-none, and she always seems to know the right questions to ask. I am grateful for the time we have spent together and would recommend her to anyone looking to take the next step in their personal development journey.”

James Chin Moody, Founder & CEO  – Sendle

“I had the pleasure of working with The Culture Equation as part of our Values Exploration project, during which time both Hiam and Rob displayed exceptional professionalism, expertise and dedication, providing excellent support to our Leadership team. I have no hesitation in recommending The Culture Equation”

Stephen Troilo, People & Culture Manager  – Northrop Engineers

“Having worked with Hiam and the team for three years., I can say I truly value her expertise and opinion. She’s helped us run large groups sessions across multiple geographies, working with diverse teams, resulting in significant positive team engagement improvements. Hiam has also supported me on a 1-1 level, helping and challenging me to see different viewpoints/strategies to problems faced when running a very large and diverse team.”

Russell Hodey, Regional Head of Delivery APAC  – Chubb

Featured Case Study

Going dry and flying high with the Team ReForm Program

The Culture Equation strengthens the Dry July Foundation’s team during their busiest time of the year.

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The Team

“Culture is unique for each and every organisation. It lives through every interaction, every decision, every ritual and every passing comment in the halls.”

Hiam Sakakini, CEO & Founder

Hiam Sakakini The Culture Equation


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Like many of us, Hiam’s career itself has been an interesting journey with twists and turns, leading her to Head of Leadership Development at Google Asia. Along the way, she lived and breathed the unique experience of technological disruption and now helps others navigate that change successfully through their people.

As a Sociology Major and Culture Change Expert, her drive is to create environments dominated by trust and psychological safety where teams can be empowered and thrive in times of ambiguity.

 Hiam has been keynote speaker at high profile industry events and can be contacted for speaking engagements.

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Our team of contributors

Robert Lean The Culture Equation
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Associate Consultant

Anne Massey The Culture Equation
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Social Sustainability Expert & Executive Coach

Nino Lo Giudice - The Culture Equation
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Human Potential Expert

Fiona Van Graan The Culture Equation
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Executive Coach & Leadership Trainer

Mark Digby The Culture Equation
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Collaboration & Leadership Expert

Sarah McCarthy The Culture Equation
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Diversity & Inclusion Expert

Michael Rook
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Team Cohesion & Effective Leadership Expert

We Stand For


Jumping on new ventures, taking calculated risks and always trusting in the strength of our team.

The Culture Equation Value
The Culture Equation Values


We believe the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We create synergies with people, teams, organisations and communities striving for better outcomes.


We believe the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We create synergies with people, teams, organisations and communities striving for better outcomes.

The Culture Equation Values


What we do, we own it. We own the outcome. We own the process. We own the mistakes. We are empowered and creative humans delivering our best work in a safe environment founded on trust.

The Culture Equation Values
The Culture Equation Values

Purposeful Honesty

We practice what we preach. Threaded through our day-to-day is the intention to be truthful to one another to grow as a stronger team heading in the same direction.

Purposeful Honesty

We practice what we preach. Threaded through our day-to-day is the intention to be truthful to one another to grow as a stronger team heading in the same direction.

The Culture Equation Values

Our Partners

Partnerships that work wonders. We have vetted an A-Team of Partners who know their stuff.

Backed by their IP, technology and data analytics expertise, our work is next level.

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Education Partner

DeakinCo support businesses to master the shift from knowledge to capability and credentialise the skills uplift of your team partictipating in The Culture Equation programs.

We are proud to partner with such prestigious, innovative and collaborative learning experts, supported by the stability and integrity of Deakin University.

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Skills Data Partner

Think of Lumaway as a Google Maps for skills, they remove confusion on what skills people have and how it correlates to job criteria and career opportunities.

We love their vision of a future where anyone can receive personalised, unbiased skill appraisals and paid jobs data.

Their tools and data provide you with a real-time diversified talent pipeline.

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Accredited Practitioner

Insights Discovery provides a proven system for people development that is easy to learn, understand, remember and apply. It provides a common language of understanding, builds emotional intelligence and improves employee engagement, collaboration and retention.

We find this tool is unlike other traditional assessments as it provides highly unique and personalised reports that are fun, engaging and do not pigeon hole, label or alienate colleagues.

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Experience Management Partner

Qualtrics consistently build products that people love, create more loyal customers, develop a phenomenal employee culture, and build iconic brands as a technology platform.

We admire their dedication to bring the best technology to everyone in making lives easier. Their platform speaks volume of their desire to understand and give positive changes to organizations.