Hiam Sakakini

Hiam Sakakini

CEO Founder & Culture Expert

Challenger | Big Picture Thinker | Agile

Knowing what makes people tick has always fascinated Hiam, especially what differentiates high performing leaders and teams from others. She lived and breathed this fascination as the Head of Manager Development (APAC) with Google where she uncovered powerful, evidence based ways to create high performing teams and leaders able to respond fast to business changes through innovation.

Collaboration and embracing diversity are important to Hiam and she proudly contributes her skills and expertise as a Director with Cerebral Palsy Alliance and as a mentor for Remarkable, Australia’s first disability focused impact accelerator.

Hiam is a global citizen, inspired by her entrepreneurial parents who travelled the world with their family. Having lived in The Middle East, Ireland, United States and now in Sydney she lives the family motto of ‘chasing experience’.

Just like your business, we are only as great as our people and their ability to work together to deliver exceptional results. The Culture Equation are a carefully curated team of experts with global expertise across many industries – Tech, Retail, Finance and Education.

We have wisdom and heart, our career journeys and project portfolios will give you peace of mind that we can deliver results, and are experts within our field.  Our lived values demonstrate that we care.



Seek to learn from those achieving better outcomes in the workplace and seek to share knowledge with others. Look for ‘different practice’ as well as ‘best practice’.


Believe that work can always be better. Look for the right places to make a positive impact and understand that meaningful change takes leadership, courage and patience.


Always seek to connect people, teams, organisations and communities that can benefit from collaboration.


Bring your whole self to work. Leverage diversity in order to make a difference. Constantly learn.


Our hand-picked team of subject matter experts

Robert lean

Robert lean

Associate Consultant

Passionate | Understanding | Experimental

Rob has a passion for bringing people together to achieve a common goal. He has a knack for understanding customer needs and enjoys building programs of work in response to customer feedback and insights. Leveraging his experimental and entrepreneurial mindset, Rob helps teams and organisations deliver value to their customers in the face of complexity and uncertainty. 

Social Conscience:

Rob’s care deeply about Australia’s rising inequality and is focused on coupling business with social change. By normalising corporate responsibility and action, Rob believes that business can become part of the solution to a more equitable Australia.

Anne Massey

Anne Massey

Social Sustainability Expert & Executive Coach

Passionate | Purpose-Led | Always Curious

Anne is an expert in social sustainability. She has partnered with organisations such as QBE, Fuji Xerox, and Kellogg, enabling them to transform their giving programs to unify culture, connect their values with communities in need, and generate measurable social and business outcomes. She expertly guides organisations to better understand that engaging their stakeholders on a strategic and meaningful giving journey connects purpose with profit.

Social Conscience:

Anne is Board Chair for Can Too Foundation, a health and wellness foundation committed to funding cancer research. She is a also a passionate connector of people and enjoys being a Chair for The CEO Institute.


Nino Lo Giudice

Nino Lo Giudice

Human Potential Expert

Inquistive | Expressive | Observant

Nino is our expert in facilitating human expression and the unique blend of his performing arts experience combined with his expert coaching skills, enable lasting personal and professional transformation. He is also our guru on mindfulness, positive psychology and systems thinking with wisdom inspired by both western and eastern traditions.

Social Conscience:

Nino is a passionate advocate for how engaging in culturally diverse experiences can expand us as individuals and also serve to empower minority groups whom are often also economically and socially disadvantaged. 


Fiona Van Graan

Fiona Van Graan

Executive Coach & Leadership Trainer

Creative | Collaborative | Hope-Filled  

Fiona knows what she is doing when it comes to expanding the potential for your Executives. She still gets excited each time she witnesses an ‘A-HA’ moment land for Leaders as they move from confusion to clarity, anxiety to confidence, and uncertainty to focus.  

Social Conscience:

Fiona is an advocate for helping young people realise the value and purpose in who they are. and guiding them as they grow in confidence. 

Mark Digby

Mark Digby

Collaboration & Leadership Expert

Challenger | Innovator | Motivator

Mark has a passion for breaking paradigms and establishing the right environment for people to engage, grow and deliver. He is a strong advocate for diversity and inclusion and has actively supported career and leadership development programs for the underprivileged. His greatest strengths are his strategic focus, collaborative leadership style and emphasis on impact and results.

Social Conscience:

Mark is focused around social justice and creating opportunities for the underprivileged. The two causes that are particularly important to him are the prevention of violence against women and providing greater levels of resourcing and support for victims of PTSD.








Sarah McCarthy

Sarah McCarthy

Diversity & Inclusion Expert

Curious | Adventurous | Inclusive

Sarah brings significant passion and expertise to our ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ portfolio. She can support a culture of pride by enabling your teams individual and collective identities  to come alive in a cohesive way to create innovation and collaboration.  She can also design and facilitate training programs to increase awareness, engage allies, and build organisational capability.

Social Conscience:

Sarah loves advocating for the under-privileged and empowering them to claim their sense of belonging and create daring possibilities, creating a new ending for their life story. 

michael Rooke

michael Rooke

Team Cohesion & Effective Leadership Expert

Collaborative | Optimistic | Compassionate

Michael has a profound ability to both engage and challenge leaders and teams to expand their potential, using the power of their minds to embrace resilience and innovation. He has led geographically and culturally diverse Leadership Teams across Asia Pac to successfully navigate business change. 

Social Conscience:

Michael is a passionate advocate for charities and causes that support families of children with medical conditions. He is particularly drawn to services who seek to bring joy, and much needed resources, during what is often a challenging journey for the whole family.

Strategic partners

We have vetted the A-Team of Partners we know are experts in their space

Education Partner

DeakinCo support businesses to master the shift from knowledge to capability and credentialise the skills uplift of your team partictipating in The Culture Equation programs.

We are proud to partner with such  prestigious, innovative and collaborative learning experts, supported by the stability and integrity of Deakin University.

Skills Data Partner

Think of Lumaway as a Google Maps for skills, they remove confusion on what skills people have and how it correlates to job criteria and career opportunities.

We love their vision of a future where anyone can receive personalised, unbiased skill appraisals and paid jobs data.

Their tools and data provide you with a real-time diversified talent pipeline.

Accredited Practitioner

Insights Discovery® provides a proven system for people development that is easy to learn, understand, remember and apply. It provides a common language of understanding, builds emotional intelligence and improves employee engagement, collaboration and retention.

We find this tool is unlike other traditional assessments as it provides highly unique and personalised reports that are fun, engaging and do not pigeon hole, label or alienate colleagues

Experience Management Partner

Qualtrics consistently build products that people love, create more loyal customers, develop a phenomenal employee culture, and build iconic brands as a technology platform.

We admire their dedication to bring  the best technology to everyone in making lives easier. Their platform speaks volume of their desire to understand and give positive changes to organizations.