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We help founders and leaders write the unwritten rules that got their business to where it is today, so that they can focus on growing the businesses of tomorrow.

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Let’s face it, every business can do more when it comes culture. The tech world moves fast but people’s expectations move even faster. A culture that keeps up and connects the dots, is how we can help you and your team. Here’s who we help.



The buck stops with you. You’re laser-focused on scaling the business but you know something is holding the team back from being as high performing as you think they can be.


People & Culture Leaders

You care deeply about enabling your people and instilling the company values. You have what it takes but need those extra hands of a trusted culture consultant.



You’re on a mission to help your portfolio stand out, want to see it scale faster and believe in its potential. But there isn’t enough hours in the day and would like to bring a culture expert in the mix.

Katherine McConnell, CEO & Founder Brighte

Talking about The Culture Equation helping Brighte create the right culture. (min. 23 – 27)

Create your Culture Strategy for 2022

A powerful guide to enable you and your leadership team implement the right culture.

Now, let's talk some technical jargon.

You’re thinking, okay, what do they actually do that can help us make a dent in the world? Here’s a sneak peek.


As a founder you have started to think about the growth of your team. It’s time to start by building what you will be known for as an business and what success will look like for your future team.


You have defined your values and purpose and now want to design how these behaviours filter through every leader and into every decision made in your team.


You and your leadership team are working cohesively and are consistent in your approach. Implementing these unwritten rules into the written is crucial for your culture to attract, retain and develop the best talent.

How We've Brought Tangible Value

ZIP’s Glassdoor rating grew by 15% during the time we worked with their leadership team.

And our team continues to enable other world-class businesses to create great cultures.

We roll up our sleeves and challenge the status quo.

Here are some outcomes that of one our clients has experienced.

+ 30%

Leaders ability to leverage their community to grow the business.

+ 27%

Leaders ability to make high-velocity decisions.

+ 20%

Confidence in developing a High Performance culture.

+ 20%

Leaders ability to facilitate growth conversations with their employees.


See What The Digital Creators Team Have Said

What Culture means and what impact it can have when it’s optimised.

Untangle Your Culture's
Biggest Challenges.

What we’ve done over the last 24 months across various businesses and sectors.

How are your Employees feeling?

According to the State of the Global Workplace 2021 Report in Australia and New Zealand, employees today are disengaged and stressed – which is detrimental to their performance and your business success.

Connect with us to discuss how we can help solve your biggest Culture challenges.


of employees said they feel engaged. That means on average 8 out of 10 people in your business are probably not engaged.


of employees experience daily stress. And there are many factors that can lead to high levels of stress. But is your business helping or adding to the stress?

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The Culture Equation find passion in co-creating authentic culture and employee experiences with fast growing Scaleups.